The Disappointment of God in and God’s Love for God’s People

[Only a small portion of the writings of the Prophets we read in our Bibles have to do with foretelling the future.  Alas, the future Hosea sees is a bleak and foreboding one  Most of the words handed down by the prophets have to do with God’s complaints against God’s people.  This passage speaks both of God’s tenderness and God’s disappointment in God’s people.  These are remarkable words, think about and share.]      

When Israel was a child I loved him,
out of Egypt I called my son.

The more I called them,
the farther they went from me,
Sacrificing to the Baals
and burning incense to idols.

Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk,
who took them in my arms;
but they did not know that I cared for them.

I drew them with human cords,
with bands of love;
I fostered them like those
who raise an infant to their cheeks;
I bent down to feed them.

How could I give you up, Ephraim,
or deliver you up, Israel?
… My heart is overwhelmed,
my pity is stirred.

I will not give vent to my blazing anger,
I will not destroy Ephraim again;
For I am God and not a man,
the Holy One present among you;
I will not come in wrath.

(Hosea 11:1-4, 8-9)

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About Paul Wharton

I am a cradle Catholic, a native West Virginian, and a priest since April 24, 1982. Spiritual Direction has made a tremendous difference in my life and I encourage people to try it out. My motto is "Progress not perfection." I am grateful that God has done for me what I could not do for myself.
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3 Responses to The Disappointment of God in and God’s Love for God’s People

  1. Joe Devlin says:

    Great, thanks.

  2. Denise says:

    I don’t believe much has changed since this writing. We still run from the awesome love of God, and “the more he calls us, the farther we go. I am thankful that He is not wrathful, and does not use blazing anger upon us. We certainly deserve it. He is most patient, at least with me. I know we break His heart. If only we could learn to love that way He loves, to see the way He sees. I pray I will forever seek to please Him, and grow in Love with Him.

  3. lewis says:

    truly moves me

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