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  1. This is great Fr. Paul. I have really really enjoyed reading your writings. This thing you are doing is going to be a great big positive I do believe. I know it has already given me some new insight into things I have been having questions about. Thanks so much!

  2. Linda Trill says:

    Love the blog!! Love the article titled attn parents. Puts me in mind of why I have been attending RCIA for the last ten years. I learn something new about the Church and my faith at almost every meeting. I am looking foreward to reading all of your tidbits!! Keep up the good work. We appreciate all that you do for us!! Love ya!!

  3. The two readings I like best are Prayer and Christian Life and Challenges for the Christian. I enjoyed all readings and looking forward to many more.

  4. thanks Father Paul, this blog is awesome!!!

  5. Annette Morgan says:

    hmmm…interesting. I’ ve been doing Lectio Divina
    and didn’t even know it! Thanks for taking the time to share all this wonderful information!

  6. Linda Trill says:

    Just read “Possessions”. It really hit home.We, like you, have moved quite a bit, and can understand the importance of purging at moving time. This was a good reminder for me now! Keep up the great writing!!

  7. Maryanna Bolden says:

    Hey Father,

    Was great to see you tonight, came home and after the usual things one does when they get home, I went stright to my computer to check out your blog. This is great thank you for this .

    Take care, love ya,
    Maryanna Bolden.

  8. Amber Smith says:

    The Bishop mentioned you during his homily on July 1st. He remarked how pleased you were to be asked to celebrate here in Williamson, West Virginia. It was a great honor for me personally and also your former parish. Listening to you and remembering your days here… brought back so many wonderful memories… As you said in your homily, it’s God’s will. Your ministry at Sacred Heart was a time in my life that made me grow in my Catholic faith and brought Rod and I closer to God’s love. Your homily was wonderful and thank you for your presence to help us celebrate this wonderful milestone of our legacy. I love your motto….Progress not perfection.” I feel like you gained much progress in Williamson and you perfected much during your ministry. Don’t ever think you didn’t… A group of us were talking this morning after mass… remarking at the different priests who celebrated during our triduum Masses… My mother always would tell me – perfection is a work in progress…. Life is not perfect… but, we make of it – how we live our lives… You left
    a mark at Sacred Heart of Williamson…. one that I will never forget and always be enternally grateful. Come visit us anytime… and the altar is always waiting for you to talk.

    Blessings and peace be with you always….. Amber

  9. Bob Siebel and family says:

    Always good to see your read writings.

  10. Lisa Musolin says:

    Father Paul,
    Thank you for introducing me to this awesome blog that you have created. Please keep inspiring us with more! –Lisa Musolin (Jim and Barbara’s oldest daughter)

  11. Michael Clemons says:

    Outstanding, Father Paul. Was much enjoyed and many thanks to you for your efforts.

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