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Why Catholics Venerate Saints:  St. Bernard of Clairvaux    

Why should our praise and glorification, or even the celebration of this feast day mean anything to the saints? What do they care about earthly honors when their heavenly Father honors them by fulfilling the faithful promise of the Son? … Continue reading

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Thomas Merton (1915-1968) ON PRAYER

[This is the twenty-first of a series of posts featuring a saint, mystic, or writer to include some of their thoughts on prayer as well as a prayer written by or ascribed to him or her.  Thomas Merton was a … Continue reading

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Glory to God for All Things: An Akathist – Part 9   

[“This Akathist, also called the “Akathist of Thanksgiving,” was composed by Metropolitan Tryphon (Prince Boris Petrovich Turkestanov) in 1934.  A copy was in possession of Protopresbyter Gregory Petrov shortly before his death in a prison camp in 1940. Suggestion: Light … Continue reading

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Did You Hear the One About a Priest….? – Silly Saturday Selections   

[] Act I Father Martin was making his rounds on a bicycle in order to get more exercise and lose some weight when he came upon a little boy trying to sell a lawn mower.   ‘How much do you … Continue reading

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Come, Holy Spirit, and Show Us What is True

PRAYER : Come, Holy Spirit, and Show Us What is True Come, Holy Spirit, and show us what is true. In a world of great wealth where many go hungry and fortunes are won and lost by trading in money, … Continue reading

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It’s in the Valleys I Grow: Mystic Musings by Jane Eggleston

It’s in the Valleys I Grow Sometimes life seems hard to bear, Full of sorrow, trouble and woe It’s then I have to remember That it’s in the valleys I grow. If I always stayed on the mountain top And … Continue reading

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The Disappointment of God in and God’s Love for God’s People

[Only a small portion of the writings of the Prophets we read in our Bibles have to do with foretelling the future.  Alas, the future Hosea sees is a bleak and foreboding one  Most of the words handed down by … Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of Aging on a Silly Saturday – Part 2

Just a line to say I’m living That I’m not among the dead Though I’m getting more forgetful And mixed up in the head. I’ve got used to my arthritis To my dentures I’m resigned I can manage my bifocals … Continue reading

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A Prayer in Times of Suffering and Trial

O Saviour of my life,  Will you meet me in my death?  O Deliverer of my hope,  Will you free me in my peril?  O Healer of my soul,  Will you cure all my disease? When I cry, shedding tears  … Continue reading

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May You be Blessed Forever, Lord – A Prayer by Saint Theresa of Avila

May You be blessed forever, Lord, for not abandoning me when I abandoned you. May You be blessed forever, Lord, for offering Your hand of love in my darkest, most lonely moments. May You be blessed forever, Lord, for putting up with such a … Continue reading

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