Anthology of Prayer


  1. Prayer for Grace and Healing
  2. A Jewish Prayer for Healing

To the Father

  1. O Lord, You Have Never Abandoned Me

The Holy Trinity

  1. Te Deum
  2. St. Dominic
  3. St. Patrick
  4. Glory to the Holy Trinity
  5. A Prayer of Praise

Jesus Christ

  1. I Give You Glory by St. Ephrem of Syria
  2. Anima Christi
  3. Another Anima Christi
  4. Sacred Heart Prayers by Saint Margaret Mary
  5. A Prayer of Invitation to Christ by Saint Dmitri of Rostov
  6. Holy and Blessed Indeed

Holy Spirit

  1. Come, O Holy Spirit, Come
  2. A Prayer to the Holy Spirit by Saint Augustine
  3. A Prayer to the Holy Spirit by Saint Bonaventure
  4. In Every Need

Prayers in Honor of and to the Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. A Marian Prayer by Saint Germaine
  2. Mary,  Image and Model if the Church, I
  3. Mary,  Image and Model if the Church, II
  4. Holy Mary, Teach us Your Silence
  5. Mary, Mother and Teacher in the Spirit

Prayers of Self-Offering

  1. St. Basil the Great
  2. Lord, I am Yours (St. Francis de Sales)
  3. Covenant Prayer (John Wesley)
  4. Prayers by Russian Saint Philaret
  5. Act of Abandonment to Divine Providence (John Martin Moye)

Various Prayers

  1. What to Pray For by Rabbi Jack Reimer
  2. Serenity Prayer
  3. Let Me Know Myself and Know You by Saint Augustine
  4. Prayer for the Grace to Age Well by Father Teilhard de Chardin
  5. A Prayer for the Universal Church by St. Clement
  6. A Prayer to Praise God for the Gift of the Saints

Liturgical Prayers

  1. Exsultet – Old Translation

Morning Prayers

  1. Saint Anselm
  2. John Baille

Very Viewable Videos

  1. All Good Gifts (Godspell)
  2. Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  3. Trees (Joyce Kilmer)

1 Response to Anthology of Prayer

  1. Lawrence Washington says:

    Father Paul Wharton, I would love to contact you by email or by phone… I am Reverend Lawrence Washington from Montgomery, WV.. If you do not remember me by this title, I used to be the Chief of Police in Montgomery and also worked for the Fayette Sheriff Dept. We have talked many times about our interest in music if you can recall. I know this is not the exact way of contacting you but I was given this website by a parishoner of yours when you were in Boomer and Montgomery. Many Blessings to you.

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